Valine Mullen

I am a US citizen and native English speaker. I moved to Germany in November 2019, where I plan to reside longterm. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from a Protestant university (2009-2012), two Master’s degrees from an evangelical seminary (2013-2016), and was most recently employed by my church in Massachusetts as the Communications Coordinator and Administration Manager (2017-2019).

I am an excellent writer and editor. I’m creative. I have an eye for aesthetics and design. I’m a people-person. Socializing and getting to know somebody is easy for me because I love people, really. I love to learn. I love asking Why? and How? and solving problems and making things good things better and great things greater. I’m a hard worker, a perfectionist and an over-thinker. I will always find something to change or improve. I value organization and accuracy, and am confident in my ability to articulate my thoughts well.

I adore travelling and experiencing the world, my favorite sport is American football, and studying dead languages is one of my greatest passions. I gave my life to Jesus in 2006 and never looked back.

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